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Shivaji Maharaj and why his legacy is much more than just some battles!

"Shivaji's political ideals were such that we might accept them even today without any change. He aimed at giving his subjects peace, universal toleration, equal opportunities for all castes and creeds, a beneficent, active and pure system of administration, a navy for promoting trade and a trained militia for guarding the homeland.. All this national expansion proceeded from the initial energy of one man. Shivaji was the central power-house of the new Maharashtra.. He was not only the maker of Maratha nation, but also the greatest constructive genius of medieval India. States fall, empires break up, dynasties become extinct, but the memory of a true 'hero as King' like Shivaji, remains an imperishable historical legacy for the entire human race". - Jadunath Sarkar I pay obeisance to this legendary king on his 390th Birth Anniversary. Unfortunately, Shivaji Maharaj is only known for his battles by the Hindu Right. Not that it is wrong per se, because
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Padmavati and why I believe the Anger is Justified..!!

Is it quite late for this post..?? I don't know, but I had got to get this out of me.. I do honestly feel that the anger over the movie "Padmavati" is justified.. Now don't get me wrong I do believe that the threat messages against Ms. Padukone or Mr. Bhansali should be condemned in the strongest possible language, but it doesn't absolve them of the things they did in the first place.. They showed a women who is treated like a deity (not for nothing they call her "Devi") by a particular section of the Hindus and thus in extension by the whole Hindu Community as well, dancing to a song which is not particularly traditional or folk, wearing clothes which are not traditional or folk..!! Now in a country as sensitive as India (which is nothing to be apologetic about though) you should be living in some kind of a Liberal ivory tower to think that this will not evoke any passion on the ground.. And to suit their own narrative some liberals are t